Sunday, 7 September 2008

Episode 058 - It's All Chinese to Me!

It's All Chinese to Me! is a light card game for 3 to 5 players themed around ordering a Chinese meal in Chinese while not being able to speak Chinese.

The game can be downloaded from it's reference page at Board Game Geek.
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Additional : The designer of the game has contacted me with the following corrections.

"I noticed only 2 small mistakes:

1) The Tofu (loved that comment about how disgusting it is) is given to the player in the first round only and directly into their hand. (Not shuffled with the Order cards). The Tofu was added to increase the level of interaction (read nastiness). Using it you can bring a pair of Meals to a tie thus preventing anybody from getting points from it.

2) When playing with less than 5 players, 2 meal cards are indeed added. However half of them are turned face down (just the same as the players)."